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Each week I travel south into the Hudson Valley to craft delicious recipes that our company produces for our retail and farmers market patrons. But on Thursday I point my vessel north and once again head home to the Adirondack Mountains that I call home.

On my return trip, I make stops along the way to bring our pristine fish to The Adirondacks most discerning chefs. Know that if they care enough to procure seafood from me, that they are paying attention to the details that result in an optimal guest experience. In addition, I also make this same great seafood available to an exclusive clientele of seafood purists, who are only satisfied with the very finest fish available. If you are a chef or an aficionado, and would be interested for consideration of inclusion in my buyers group, then please send me a quick email:

My Chefs and the location of their stoves:

Saratoga Springs:
Michele Hunter -
Hamlet and Ghost
Lake Placid:
Jarrad Lang -
Mirror Lake Inn
Kayte Billerman -
The Good Bite Kitchen
Red Lafountaine -
Paradox Lodge
Tim Loomis -
Liquids and Solids
Saranac Lake:
Craig Bailey -
Fiddlehead Bistro
Tom Ruff -
Left Bank Cafe
Charlie Levitz -
Chair 6 
Kevin McCarthy -
Paul Smiths College
Lake Clear: 
Cathy Hohmeyer -
Lake Clear Lodge

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