Yellow Perch

Eat the fish that threatens native trout....

As fishermen, we enjoy catching and releasing many of the game species that are found in our local pristine Adirondack lakes and streams. When craving a delicious fish dinner, we have always targeted the most delicious species of all - The Adirondack Yellow Perch. With its naturally delicate, sweet flesh, the yellow perch has long been prized by aficionados of delicious seafood. 

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has identified the perch as a threat to native species of trout, as well as other game fish. The perch feed on eggs and hatchlings of the other species which drastically reduces the number of fish surviving to adulthood. They are voracious eaters that - combined with their staggering numbers, have decreased populations of game species dramatically from pre- settlement numbers. As part of it's arsenal of attack on perch populations, NYSDEC allows perch anglers to sell commercially their catch to restaurants and markets that process and sell to the general public.

John and his son Nate catch and sell yellow perch two ways:

Whole fish - shorts and skinnies that are too small to fillet

Good for pets and zoos (perch contain no thiaminase )                      4.50 per pound

Frozen Fillet - Thaw and prepare in your favorite recipes                20.00 per pound

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