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Recipe Collections:

"Welcome to my recipe collection. These are dishes that have stood the test of time on my restaurant menus. For fun, I have decided to present the recipes in a menu format so that you can enjoy the nostalgia of ordering your dinner and then reproducing the exact flavor that you remember from years past. A quirky twist on my recipes is the ability for you to order many of the necessary ingredients directly from the same suppliers that I purchase from. Proteins and vegetables will be offered for purchase directly in the ingredient list. I also have compiled a basic larder kit that when purchased will provide most of the dry goods, canned ingredients, and spices that you will find useful in your kitchen. By purchasing the kit, we can eschew the wasteful packaging of individual ingredients that is the bane of popular meal kits in my opinion. You may still wish to frequent your favorite local market for inspiration, or for additional fresh ingredients that may be needed.  Even as a chef with a well-stocked larder, I find a trip to the market feeds my creative soul, and allows me to visit with my favorite purveyors whom I consider family.


Gadaletos Seafood Market and Restaurant

New Paltz NY

I was the Executive Chef from 1998-2006

"After successfully launching my hot sauce brand MOUNTAINMAN and working for Chef Dan Smith as chef de cuisine for ten years, my good friend Steve Gadaleto asked me to join his 60-year-old fish business. This was my first head chef job, and it was where I solidified my love for the seafood business.

We had a wonderful staff that mostly came from art, music, and teaching students of SUNY New Paltz. The creative energy was rampant, and we enjoyed a restaurant scene that was like no other. There was a long line out the door every night of excited diners who came to enjoy live locally grown music, food, and friendship. 

I learned so much about the difference between just running a restaurant, and being a part of a true hospitality experience. My belief is that it requires the latter for a restaurant to become truly legendary!"


New England Clam

Manhattan Clam

Lobster Bisque

Oyster Stew

"Home of the worlds largest fish and chips"

On Memorial Day weekend of 2003, we made history by becoming the first American establishment to conquer the Guinness World Record for the largest single serving of fish and chips. That portion was a whopping 53.5 lbs!

Feel Free to enjoy a piece of history, and see why we are "Home of The Worlds Largest Fish and Chips!"







                    Chatham Cod 


                      Grey Sole





                                    -sub sweet potato fries 

                                    - add hush puppies


Shrimp Cocktail                                            Ipswich Steamers

Oysters on the half shell                             Peel & Eat Shrimp

Oysters Rockefeller                                     Mussels Mariniere 

Raw Long Island Neck Clams (little and topneck) 

Bucket of Steamed LI Neck Clams with Broth and Butter


Buffalo Popcorn Shrimp                              Fried Calamari

Topneck Clams Casino                                Linguini w/ Chopped Clam Sauce

Lobster Pizza for Two                                   Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

1/2 lb. Snow Crab Claws                              Onion Rings


Garden Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette and Crumbled Gorgonzola

Caesar Salad

Add a Maryland Crabcake or 8oz. Grilled Market Fish to a Salad


From Maine:

Lobster Bake- Steamed Market Priced Maine Lobster with Clams, Mussels, Potatoes, Broth and Butter

Chick                                    1.75 Pound

1 Pound                                2 Pound

1.25 Pound                           2.25 Pound

1.5 Pound                             2.5 Pound

Great Lakes:

Cornmeal Crusted Walleye Fillet served with French Fries and Coleslaw


Grilled Native Swordfish- Line Caught and served Fishmonger Style with Garlic-Herb Butter


Authentic Maryland Crabcakes- Broiled Golden Brown and served with Hand Cut Fries and Coleslaw

Outer Banks:

Broiled Seafood Combo- Carolina Bay Scallops, Flounder, and Shrimp served with Hush Puppies and Coleslaw

New Orleans:

John's Famous Gumbo- Deep Water Gulf Shrimp, Mussels, and Crawfish in a Drak Roux Based Gravy- served with Hush Puppies and Rice

Steak House:

24 oz Dry Aged Angus Ribye with Garlic Roasted Potatoes


Maine Lobster Roll w/ Fries                                                              Soft Shell Crab Po'Boy (seasonal)

Maryland Crabcake on a Bun w/ Fries                                           Grilled Fulton Market Fishwich 

Coney Island Clam Roll w/ Fries                                                      Fried Calamari Roll w/ Fries

Louisiana Po'Boy (choice of fried oysters or belly clams)            House Made Salmon Burger w/ Fries

Elvis- Memphis BBQ Catfish Sandwich w/ Fried Onions



French Fries                                   Fried Okra

Sweet Potato Fries                        Linguini and Marinara

Hush Puppies                                Garlic Bread

Rice and Beans                             Pint of Coleslaw

                        Garlic Roasted Potatoes


grill and larder

Saranac Lake NY

Chef-Owner 2006-2016


" In 2006 I finally realized my dream of owning my own restaurant. The idea of raising our young family in a small mountain town where everyone knows you and looks after and cares for you really appealed to Colleen and myself.

At the time there were very few chefs who were practicing farm-to-table cuisine in this secluded part of upstate New York. Convincing residents that purchasing local ingredients was a better idea proved to be very challenging, as well as rewarding. Eventually, nearly every restaurant in the Adirondacks adopted local foods on their menus in no small part due to customers requesting the practice. I feel great pride in being a major force in this change. 

At first, customers were not convinced that serving great food in take-out containers (only) and requiring them to pre-order their meal from our daily online menu was a better way to run a restaurant. We got a lot of advice from folks about how our food should only take a few minutes to prepare and serve, and that we should focus on speed over quality. After all, as a seasonal tourist town what really mattered was a numbers game- "get them in and get them out" - NEXT!

I wasn't having it. I knew that eventually, I could replace the naysayers with cheerleaders. It was tough in the beginning, but the effort paid off. Our consistently delicious food won the day and we were able to benefit from a born-again clientele who became champions of our brand and drove our concept to legenday status!"

Greatest Hits from our Daily Menus:

Soup:                                                                The Silver Tin Special:

Fresh Tomato (summer) (late fall)                                                       Jamaican Jerk Pork w/ plantain dumplings

Corn Chowder                                                                                        Portuguese Sardines Fried w/ tomato- caper

Tucker Farm Potato Chowder w/ Cheese Curds                                      Chicken and Dumplings

Harvest Vegetable                                                                                   Summer Squash stuffed with chevre

                                                                                                                                      Coq au vin

Seasonal Salad:                                                      Shrimp in a basket

Ken Campbells Romaine Caesar w/ Polenta Croutons                       Gordon Ramsays shepherds pie

Tucker Farm Baby Greens with Beets and Radishes                                       Quiche lorraine


Lamb Gyros on Pita w/ tatziki sauce and feta

Blue Line Beef Burger w/ choice of cheese

Alaskan Salmon Burger w/ tartar and slaw

Falafel on Pita w/ Gyros toppings, tatziki, and feta

Pork Schnitzel on Brotchen w/ lemon-garlic butter

House Made Veggie Burger w/ choice of cheese

Glaziers Corn Dog


House Smoked Corned Beef Reuben

Brussels Sprouts Reuben

Veggie Burger Reuben

Smoked Salmon Reuben

House Made Specialties:

Blue Line Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and pan roasted Brussels Sprouts

Alaskan wild pollack fish tacos w/ salsa and sour cream

Potato and queso tacos w/ salsa and sour cream

Jamaican curried goat stew w/ rice and peas and plantain dumplings

Cauliflower and cheddar empanadas w/ summer green salad

Puff pastry Tart w/ diced summer tomatoes, basil, and feta

1/2 chicken - grilled or southern fried with garlic mashed potatoes

Creamy vegetable filled phyllo spanikopita

Jamaican jerk chicken w/ rice and peas and plantain dumplings

Fried calamari tossed w/ Sriracha and served with horseradish creme fraiche


Poutine- hand cut fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy

Pan roasted Brussels sprouts

Macaroni and cheese

Cole slaw

Southern fried okra


Warm Toll House chocolate chip cookies w/ fresh whipped cream

Joel Robuchons' chocolate tart

House made fresh lemon bar

Tarte Tatin

Fresh crepe filled w/ Nutella

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